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About the HCG Diet

Dr. A.T.W. Simeons discovered during the 1950s that small doses of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) given to overweight people, regardless of gender, decreased their appetite and made them lose inches specifically around their buttocks, stomach, hips and thighs. Since this discovery the HCG diet has been used to help obese individuals as well as those wanting to shed a few unwanted pounds. When HCG is taken, the body is able to tap into the abnormal stored fat and use it. If you combine HCG with a LCD (Low Calorie Diet) you will be subsisting on your stored fat than on what you are eating. You are burning 3500-4000 calories per day, which equates to losing up to 2 pounds a day.

Why is everyone talking about the HCG Diet?

• Because it works!

• Incredibly fast and safe weight loss!

• You are able to keep the weight off!

• Just as effective in the oral form as the injections!

The HCG diet has become a leader in the weight loss industry and has helped millions of people achieve their weight loss and health goals. The HCG diet was pioneered in 1950 and has gained steady momentum ever since. Since the year 2000, the oral HCG diet has skyrocketed into a diet craze. The HCG diet has been publicized on hundreds of TV shows including Fox News, NBC, Oprah, Dr. Oz, CNN and CBS.